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Alcatel A9100 BTS

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    I have a problem in an Alcatel BTS A9100 (indoor GSM 4+4+4), the problem is located in sector 3 with 4 TRX (X polarisation antenna:+45,-45),always there is one TRX down with this message(alarm 10 class 10 in BTS Terminal):
    TRE-VSWR:a fault has been detected by the VSWR supervision on the TRE output during initialization or operation states…
    the TRX is changed, the combiner is changed,the cable between TRX and combiner is also changed (VSWR of sector:1.1 1.1), this problem affect one,two or three TRX in the same time, now three TRX work and one is locked.

    thanks for all


    Hi mer,
    you may need to reset the BTS to refresh the SW. However, you have not mentioned if you performed sweep test with site master. Try to check this as well.


    normally, this is an ANC failure… have you tried swapping TRX with another one ? The faulty TRX is the same, or is it the new TRX becoming faulty ?
    I would exchange the ANC by another one again, from sector 1 or sector 2, since they are working.

    You could also try changing the SUM card… and eventually, change the whole BTS 🙂


    in fact we are also facing the same problem, TRE5 of SectorGSM C,after lock/unlock TRE got busy but after some time it went down again
    what we have done so far is:
    -changed the TRE
    -changed the CSO3 cable
    -changed the port of the ANC
    -changed the slot of TRE
    -done the offline comissioning of SUMA
    what next? please suggest if im missing some thing….


    bts cabinet inner cabling, possibly ? it looks like you have changed everything inside the BTS, so maybe the BTS cabinet is faulty.

    Have you tried to delete the cell, and recreate it from scratch ? Re-homing it to another TSU/TCU ?

    I don’t know… just suggesting.. you can also contact your regional support.



    in our side, we don’t find a solution or an explanation to this problem but we note some thing:
    after we make an offline commissioning, the problem return to the initial state (the famous TRE 9).


    its been 10 year did anyone find the solution of it?


    Hi anuj

    hhhh, yes more than 10 years 🙂

    the Whole region was swapped from ALU to Huawei


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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