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Nokia BSC3i BSC 455 Upgrade

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    Hi there,

    I deal with lost in transit goods on behalf of courier companies. I have some equipment which I trying to get more information on:

    2x MBIF-B
    1x PCU-B
    1x AS7-C
    1x PSC6-A
    1x CP710-AB

    What are these components exactly and what benefits do they offer as an upgrade?

    Many thanks,



    These are all Nokia produced units, All pretty generic to mobile operators, DX200, MSC, HLR, BSC etc.

    2x MBIF-B message bus interface
    1x PCU-B
    1x AS7-C Signalling terminal
    1x PSC6-A power supply
    1x CP710-AB Processor unit

    regards, Andy t


    And I meant to say, that this collection is likley to be “repair & returned” units. On their own, they do no constitute a significant enhancement.

    As “spares” they have their value.

    regards Andy t


    Hi Andy,

    Just managed to get more information:

    From: Karaportti
    Sold-to O2 (UK) Limited
    Ship-to Nokia UK, O2 Project
    BSC 455 Upgrade, O2 Manchester

    Do you think that these components are not suitable for an upgrade and that there would be other components required to complete it?

    There was nothing in the packaging or the components to suggest that they were repaired or returned.

    If these parts are for an upgrade, they are not necessarily brand new?



    The upgrade must be replacing existing units in the BSC

    I would have thought that the units should be new, if they are for an upgrade.

    Nokia Uk is based in Huntingdon.

    All units have serial numbers. If they are returned there, they will sort it out.

    Regards, AndyT


    In a Nokia BSC 3i hardware unit need repalcement as damaged due to heat. I want to know if old software can be used on new hardare.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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