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tunning t3101 in ericsson ?

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    Could any guys worked in ericsson network tell me what is the command to print and control t3101?

    I did not find this info in my library.

    A fast reply will be highly appreciated 🙂


    Juan Verenzuela


    Did you find any information about how to control t3101 in ericsson. I have been trying to change it?



    The same allocation procedure is used in Avid Immediate Assignment as in the normal Immediate Assignment.

    RMSCS requests the block RMCC (RCS Mobile Connection Coordinator) to seize an MS individual and to link it towards the RMSCS individual. RMCC sends information about the seized MS individual to RMHAIDL and RMHAIUL (RCS Mobile Handling of A-Interface Uplink) which initiates the corresponding individual, and returns to RMSCS. RMSCS sends information about the seized MS individual to RMHBI.

    RMSCS instructs RMHBI to activate the appropriate channel for signalling. If the channel is not ordered blocked according to RNLCT, RMHBI informs the BTS with the 3GPP TS 08.58 CHANNEL ACTIVATION message via RCLCCH and RHLAPD. At the same time the timer T3101 is started.

    The BSC then sends the 3GPP TS 04.18 IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT message to the MS via RMHBI, RCLCCH, RHLAPD and the BTS without waiting for the 3GPP TS 08.58 CHANNEL ACTIVATION ACKNOWLEDGE message. The MS is instructed to switch to the allocated signalling channel.

    If no fault has been received and the timer T3101 has not expired when 3GPP TS 08.58 CHANNEL ACTIVATION ACKNOWLEDGE message is received in RMSCS, the timer T3101 is stopped and a 3GPP TS 08.58 ESTABLISH INDICATION message is sent from the BTS to RMHBI via RHLAPD and RCLCCH. RMHBI checks the message and sends it on to RMSCS.

    RMSCS orders RMHBI to change link from RMSCS to RMCC.


    Timer T3101
    This exchange property specifies the time for MS establishment on the signaling channel. The value is given in deciseconds.
    The availability of the exchange property values other than the default one depends on commercial agreements.
    Property type: Optional
    Numeral 10-100
    Default value: 15
    This exchange property is owned by the block RMSCS

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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