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    In motorola, why different HSN is used for the cells of same site
    in different although they are having different MAIOs????


    Different HSN means cells will use a different list of frequencies. It is mandatory for cells in same site to use different frequencies, otherwise, it will lead to strong interferences.

    Different MAIO is used to avoid intereference within a same cell (in most cases).

    rf fan

    I think that in case of SFH, different HSN for cells of same site is mandatory.

    If you use BBH, you may set same HSN for all cells in site (of course – different MAIO’s), to have more available HSN’s for a fixed area.And with careful HSN planning you’ll reduce interference.

    Is it right ?


    Bt we are using same MA list & Different MAIOs for the cells
    of the same site… Yet we hav to use different HSN for the cell in the different BTS????



    Within your site, you have 3 cells, all using the same frequency list. Is it correct ?
    Then you should use the same HSN for each cell, but with different MAIO. That will create a clean hopping sequence for each TRX with no risk of collision.

    On the opposite, if the HSN is different, you are running the risk of getting cyclic interference, when two TRX from different cells are randomly using the same frequency.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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