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Poor Uplink on BSC

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    Hi I have two co-located BSCs one is reporting worse uplink levels than down link by about 3% over the other any ideas, the are Nokia BSC with the same capacity stats are taken from my OMC ,same amount of site and same geo-graphical terrian. Any idea on what equipment my be faulty


    3% is not much…
    Can you give exact values of the indicators you are talking about ? Is it the average rxlev for all the cells in the BSC ? Or the distribution of handover causes ?

    It is strange to talk about radio QoS on a BSC : the QoS is normally related to the Air Interface, meaning it depends on the radio conditions between your cell and the mobiles… (it is not always true, but in your case, uplink and downlink levels are related to air interface, aren’t they ?)


    have you got alarms?

    check alarms: ZAHO and ZEOL

    ZUSI to see BSC card OK.

    Possible cases:
    Problem on BSC (ater, card, BCSU, …)
    Problem of group of BTS, ex: big microvawe like PDH 16×2, 40×2, …

    hediyeh ziaei javid


    i want to get all of allarms that there is in nokia BSC systrm .
    how can i get it
    for example : allarm no 7706 , what kind of allarms is it for ? and what is it means ?

    i need your guide . thanks alot


    7706 alarm


    MEANING The O&M link of the base station is not in operating state.

    This prevents the O&M functions of the base station.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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