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SS7 Link Capacity

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    Owen Bnet

    Where can i get a ccs7 calculator? I need to know how many BHCA a 56kps ccs7 link can manage. This has to do with call setup between a PSTN and a CDMA cellular network. How long does it take to set up a call?


    An SS7 network doesnt really have to do with BHCA it has more to do with the number of messages transmitted across the link. But I guess you can figure it out one way or another.

    I dont remember the number of bytes the messages are but if you pick up a good ss7 book they will tell you. You must include all MTP messages and ISUP messages to determine the bit rate.

    What about GTT? COT? etc… the additional messaging adds to the bit rate.

    Maybe our distinguished host here at erlang will be building one.

    Hey T.H. let me know if you need some help on the flows. 🙂

    J Gil

    You have to know the number of bytes sent in each direction of the CCS7 (uplink / downlink) during the call set up. Usually the values are different for a Mobile Originated Call and for a Mobile Terminated Call, so it would be fine if you had this values:
    BHCA = MOC + MTC
    … and the number of bytes associated with MOC and MTC for uplink and downlink.

    I know these values for GSM, but I cannot help you for CDMA. Just to put an example, in GSM you need to send about 200 bytes in the uplink (CCS7 link) to set up a MOC.

    Then take the worst case (usually downlink).

    You also need the load of the SS7 link (0.2?, 0.4?, 0.5?). Usually

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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