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HR traffic with DHA turned OFF

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    We have Ericsson Network and for a cell we have DHA(Dynamic Half Rate Allocation)=OFF and DYMA(Dynamic Mode Adaption)=OFF. Still in busy hours a little traffic can be seen from HR Traffic counters. What can be the reason? Is there any possibility of HR allocation with both DHA and DYMA turned off?


    i’m not ericsson engineer, but what about incoming HO from a neighbor cell ? If a MS is configured in HR in a neighbor cell, then it might remain HR after HO.

    Or maybe mobile-to-mobile calls : when one MS is allocated in HR, there might be a feature that force the other MS to switch from FR to HR (called Tandem Free Operation in my system)

    Those are just some leads as I don’t know about ericsson, sorry..


    Hi Bilal,
    If your exchange allow HR traffic and your CELL configured with HR allocation and your BSC has HR transcoder pool then you will find HR traffic in your BSC. DHA and DYMA is seperate feature to allocate HR or FR traffice depending on your link quality. DYMA used for better traffic distribution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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