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Intra Cell HO

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    dear All
    I have a sector which had high HO reversion with another sector of the same site.I found a co BSIC and co BCCH site which was far away and not defined as a neighbour.I changed the frequency.Now HO reversion has been redeuced but TCH and SD drop has been improved.
    The reason for both failures is Drop due to other reasons.what to do


    Check sector inversion or TR inversion, meaning that one TRX of a sector is actually being transmitted on another sector’s antenna.

    Are there a lot of HO ? What cause ? and in which direction ? sector 1 to sector 2, or vice versa ? What is the amount of requests and successes of HO in each way ?

    The TCH and SDCCH drop are located on all TRX or just one TRX ?
    What is the cause of drops ?
    Is there any problem regarding TCH assignment or SDCCH assignment ?
    What is the average TCH holding time, per TRX ?
    If you suspect a TRX problem, just lock the faulty TRX for a while.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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