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    Ajaya Maharjan

    Hi to everybody,
    Could anybody please help me regarding the handover issue. What happen if we create neighbour but there is no handover at all. Will this create a load to network?
    It would be very thankfull for the reply


    no, it will not overload the system. the only negative impact is delay & bcch/bsic planning :


    it will take a bit more time for the BTS to transmit the list of all neighbors to the MS (you can imagine the consequences… not dramatic, but you introduce a small delay)

    bcch planning:
    don’t forget that you must avoid neighbors using same bcch. If you declare useless neighbors, it means you are artificially increasing the difficulty to reuse a bcch frequency… Knowing how complex can get a frequency planning, i would avoid wasting bcch at all cost !

    Ajaya Maharjan

    thanks Pix,
    yeah its obvious that it would be difficult for planning. But wont it a bit load to MSC as it is the core of the network which has to handle all the consequences of the network


    You’re saying there is no HO towards those neighbors anyway.. if there is no HO, the only load is a “static” load, induced by the size of the neighbor list… This list is handled by OMCR, BSC and BTS. Not MSC (unless you define a lot of adjacencies between cells from different MSC…)

    If there is a lot of inter-BSC HO or inter-MSC HO, then you will load your MSC. But only when there are actual HO requests. No request, no load.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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