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TCH Drop due to low SS uplink

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    We have a cell in low coverage area. It is OK to have high TCH drop rate due to low SS both UL and DL but it is having drop only due to Low SS UL. For a cell with good path balance shouldn’t the low SS occurre on both DL and UL at the same time?


    which parameter caused TCH drop due to radio link UL or DL, caused by handover UL or DL


    Hi Bilal,

    The call drop must occur either on the uplink or on the downlink, for one call.
    One call can’t drop on both ways at the same time… it is just a matter of detection. Maybe if you slow down the “uplink drop” detection mechanism by one or two seconds, you’ll see mostly “downlink drops” in your cell.

    By default, radio parameters are defined in such a way that the uplink is dropped first (coverage is mostly uplink limited, that’s the reason why).

    Alok Vishwakarma

    Please guide me as after migration of sites TCH Drop suddenly impacted on some sites continue after migration and these drop is increased due to low ss uplink. please share the root cause.



    is the new transmitters supplying enough power to your antenna?
    check on the path balance and ensure your self that you have also enough neighbors.
    Also avoiding staying on high frequency bands if this layer is not well continuous

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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