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Overlapping neworks?

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    I have an extremely limited knowledge of how this works but hopefully someone will be able to answer a question talk talk, BT and vodaphone have failed to.
    Occasionally when ringing out from my home phone the receiver of the call says the number is showing as a mobile? I have traced this as a vodaphone mobile which is the same network as my mobile. When I rang BT/Talk talk etc they said it may be an ‘overlap’. Can someone confirm this is true as i’m still rather worried that when I ring out from my landline to find my mobile in the house – I have a missed call from a 07920 number and not 01908 which it should be.
    Thanks in advance for any responses,


    Hi Andy,

    You should try with another landline, see whether this problem is happening when using other numbers as well (try using different landline operators).
    And try calling mobile phones belonging to different mobile operators.

    If you can do all these experiences, you should be able to find whether the problem is only happening to you, hapening to one mobile operator, or happening to one landline operator..

    What’s BT/TalkTalk ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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