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TCH Assignment Failure

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    Rajiv Gujral

    I am facing high TCH-ASFR in one of the cell and in the trace im getting “Error Indication: RLM Cause: 13 SABM command, multiple frame established state”. In this cell i have changed the TRX, CDU, Fedder, CMM. Also i have not found any BER on PCM on abis interface. This problem arises at a sudden. Please help me out in solving the probkem.
    Reply will be appreciated.

    Rajiv Gujral

    Also i have found in the trace that the release and disconnect cause is : “Cause:47. Resource unavailable, unspecified. There is no congestion in the cell.


    Which vendor are you using?
    Which TCH type are defined at cell(FR , HR, AMR)?
    Check A-bis definition, may be there is mismatch in A-bs definition at BSC side.

    Rajiv Gujral

    Thanx Pavel for ur reply.
    Vendor is ZTE and TCH type is FR.
    There is no mistach in the A-bis definition at BSC side. I have alerady compared our ZDB database for the mismatch.
    Can u tell me what is the meaning of the “Cause:47. Resource unavailable, unspecified”.


    Rajiv Gujral

    Please let me know what elsei can do to solve dis case.


    dear all,
    can nybody please tell me what is synchronous & asynchronous handovers.


    Hi Vivek,

    In GSM ?
    Sync. HO are performed between two cells sharing the same clock (or having the same “synchronization”).

    It always happens between two sectors of one BTS.
    It’s never the case between two cells belonging to different BTS (therefore a asynch. HO is performed).

    sync HO are a bit faster than async HO

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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