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    Raju Sharma

    hello to every one ,
    any body tell me the diffference b/w RAU1 and RAU2,on which basis we speaks .6,1.2,1.8 microwave antenna sizes.
    if any one knows plzz answer to meand send it on my ID plzzz.

    thanking you.

    John Vipur

    RAU1N is a big radio used in 7ghz ericssons subands.This radio is only used for PDH links while RAU2N are small radios used for both PDH and SDH for above 15ghz band.It has high capacity than RAUIN using higher modulation schemes.


    rau1 max txpower 20 dbm

    rau2 max txpower 23 dbm

    and rau 2 supports atpc (automatic tx power control)

    John Vipur

    Emre:Not correct;I have one rau1 7ghz with max output power 28.All you power alues are not correct can you pls reacheck?


    I think max power depend on frequency the radio is working on… Lower frequency-> higher Tx power.

    John Vipur

    Winet you are correct.
    In link budget could you tell me what are the factors used to select let say one end of the hop to have 0.6m and other end 1.2m for the same hop length and Tx power?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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