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Problem with MW link

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    I have a link made with 0,6m ericsson antennas and after panning it appear that on one side of the link level of received signal strength is -40dBm but on the other side it is -70dBm. Any ideas why is it like that and how to fix it?

    tarun nagpal

    hi , firstly check that whether u r using same polarization or not . this could a big factor u r getting -30 db differnce


    are you sure same tx power is used both 2 side

    Peter (NL)

    Did you allign the link? Because it is also a possibility that one of the OU’s is in a sidebeam. Try to re-allign the link.


    eng. mis

    i think if you check all above possible reasons the radio is faulty try to change it


    You know , you need to re-align the link in both sides again


    hi winet
    pls check the small hole in side the radio is open r not smtime that is closed so u have to move it & make with another hole stright so i think then u can get the require points & also check there is nothing interfarence b/w the two sites


    Hi Winet,
    in order to rectify the problem perform following step

    check what sort of alarm are on equhipment by getting its log
    this will help you to now what sort of alarms appear on link
    Other wise you perform below mention steps
    Check Polarization on both end
    check TX power on both end

    Chehck link alignment

    i hope this will solve your problem


    Hello, I checked polaryztion, cables, Tx power and re-aligned the link. Nothing has helped. I’m going to replace ODU-s on both sides…
    BY the way, Is there any way to check IF radio transmitter is working? In ericsson i can simply do a loop on the ODU and check Rx signal. But I have a link 1+0 made on Nokia 23Ghz antennas , and on one of the end there is no Rx level shown. I replaced the radio radio cause i thought that maybe it is receiver fault, but it didnt help. Other possibility is that on second radio transmitter is faulty. And i wonder if there is any way to do it? Link is made on FIU-s. Thx for sugestions.


    Is ODU integraded or separated?

    If separated, the wave guide can be broken?

    Bad polarity (H or V)in one side can be lost 20db.

    On your FIU Nokia, LED FB are Green? fix or Twinkling?


    For those who are intrested.. In ericsson there wasd a faulty ODU – something wrong with reciver, this is why Rx lewvel was about 30DBm lower there (After we exchange ODU everythimg was working ok).


    we Installed Traffic Noda Ericsson SDH. Problem in this Link are Fluctuated, every thing is clear,error rate problem is also Generated but this problem is solved but fluctuated problem is present.


    when aligning a link we use a meter which shows us the levels in voltage how are this volts converted into db which we see in the computer

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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