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GSM/UMTS Drive Testing

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    Mohamed Ahmed Aly

    Any body had the experience with RHODE & SCHWARZ GSM/UMTS Drive Test tool package?
    How is it compared with TEMS?


    We use Romes here, haven’t used it much as i didn’t like the functionality. We take the output files and convert into an inhouse drive test tool……

    Mohamed Ahmed Aly

    Actually, I have not practically tested the Drive Test for GSM/UMTS networks but we have new project in Egypt that we are to perform this task, Do anybody has useful readings or guides or what parameters should be considered in the Drive Testing?

    sabhiuddin siddiqui

    I have done UMTS drive testing for Cingular in Detroit. UMTS is a WCDMA technology so the parameters that we care about are Ec/Io, which should be below 10, otherwise you have pilot pollution in that area. Also we look at mobile receive, should be between -60dbm and -95dbm for a good call. For dropped calls we look at the time stamping at than add teh neighbors whose PNs were active in the area. Major problems we were having was in IRAT handovers, which is when you drive from a UMTS area into GSM area only. If neighbors are not added correctly, you might face bunch of dropped calls by the RNC boundry.


    Thanks siddiqui, interesting reply 🙂


    Hi Sabhiuddin siddqui,

    Could you please explain regarding ‘pilot pollution’. Currenly in my 3G area, in one time I could receive more than 3 active scrambling codes/cell. Could this contribute to pilot pollution and if yes how could I solve it.

    Thank you

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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