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ISP Traffic

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    I’m studding ISP insfraestructure, I supouse that all ISP have to calcute the user: modem ratio, and the lines for the PSTN. I’ve only one question:

    How can I calculate those lines? In example, I have 2000 users and 10:1 ratio, how many lines I need for the PSTN? Can I give 5kbps (bandwidth) to each one?


    Alexandra Fruto

    I´m a teacher from traffic engineer and I want to have the answer to this question.
    Thank You.

    Maine PE

    Assuming you’re not going to employ any voice multiplexing between the ISP and PSTN, it seems to me you’ll want one PSTN line for each modem.


    What I have gather :
    U have 2000 users.
    U want to designyour RAS on 10:1 ratio.
    It means u r designing ur network on .1 erl traffic.

    u need there fore 200 lines so that it can satisfy the traffic of .1 erl to ur user.

    Ur ISP banwidth has nothing to do, with PSTN lines.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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