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    neil noguera

    how many voice circuits can one signaling link handle?thanks


    Aproximately 1 Signaling Link can handle 1269 Voice Channel for ISDN User


    As to my expririence – it can be very different for vendors.

    Ericsson recommended signallink link load – up to 40%, but Huawei says that they supports up to 100% signalling link load without any problems.

    That’s why number of circuits can be different.

    Also, please, mension, that better to specify which signalling protocol are you using for that signalling link? Is it ISUP, R2, QSIG or PRI signalling…


    Dear All,

    It’s about E1 in UMTS Iub, IuPs, IuCs Interface.

    As I know 2 Mbps is not used only by data, it’s used too by Over Head (signalling, controlling, etc).

    My Question is comparison between bandwitdth used by DATA and OVER HEAD in Iub, IuPs, IuCs interface???

    Bandwidth E1 : 2 Mbps
    Data : x% of 2 Mbps
    Over Head : y% of 2 Mbps

    x & y : ?????

    I really need the answer, hopefully you can share your knowledge about this for me…

    Thanks A lot

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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