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ISP Traffic

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    I’m studding ISP insfraestructure, I supouse that all ISP have to calcute
    the user: modem ratio, and the lines for the PSTN. I’ve only one question:
    How can I calculate those lines? In example, I have 2000 users and 10:1
    ratio, how many lines I need for the PSTN? Can I give 5kbps (bandwidth) to
    each one?



    YOur answer has been asked by some one else, may be u look at the other queries and u will find the answer over there as well.

    u will have to arrange 200 lines of PSTn for ur 2000 user on 10:1 ratio or .1 erl traffic.

    On PSTN line gives u 64k of bandwidth. I am not sure about the other part of ur questionas the reduction of bandwidth will completely flop the ISP.

    May be some one else can come up with a better answer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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