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TEMS decoding Neighbours

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    I have a question on TEMS tool. In the “Serving + Neighbours ” window, i am observing BSIC and Frequency being decoded of the cells whose neighbours have not been defined in the network. I am observing this for the last one week only. How can this happen. We are using Tems 6.0, Nokia equipment.

    Our OSS has been recently been upgraded to 4.0 version. Any connection with this??

    Thanks and Regards


    usually TEMS decode all signals, not only the neighbors… so it’s your previous situation that wasn’t “normal”. But I don’t know why it used to happen that way.


    Hi Rajesh, be carefully about TEMS measurement.
    Sometimes could happen that the decoding BCCH/BSIC is not OK.
    TEMS could measure BCCH=100 and BSIC=10, but in reality BSIC is defined BSIC=11.
    MS has some time to measure and to decode all SYS info.
    And if you have for example new site without definition in tems.cel, there will probably in the “Serving + Neighbors” window, cell with same BCCH+BSIC definition as you new site, but somewhere far a way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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