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Ericsson OMT Cable

This topic contains 53 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by  Ravindra Yadav 2 weeks ago.

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    John Boy

    Has anyone got the Pin outs for the Ericsson OMT cable to connect to the RBS using OMT

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    Usman Matloob

    Dear Boy,

    This is a straight serial cable, having DB-9(M) at one end and DB-9(F) at the other. The pin configuration is very simle. Pin 1 of DB-9(M) is connected to pin 1 of DB-9(F). 2 with 2 and so on.


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    John Boy

    All Sorted thanks

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    is the nokia lmp cable the same?

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    Dear John,
    Actually the connection it’s like that: pin 1-2 for TX and 4-5 for RX of DB9.

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    ericsson 6102 OMT cable

    good day i need the pin assignment for local OMT cable for ericsson RBS 6102 & 6201 thanks & best regards.

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    Please use this pin connection below for the ericsson RBS 6102 OMT cable:

    Get an Ericsson Ethernet straight through cable and cut one end then solder it in a DB9 female connector as shown below:

    5 (DB9) —> 1 (RJ45)
    3 (DB9) —> 2 (RJ45)
    2 (DB9) —> 3 (RJ45)
    8 (DB9) —> 4 (RJ45)
    7 (DB9) —> 5 (RJ45)
    4 (DB9) —> 6+8 (RJ45)
    6+1 (DB9) —> 7 (RJ45)

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    thanks dear … u r great

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    Hello Guys,
    Kindly help me about how to connect my PC to OMT, cause am trying to login but not successful.. do you guys think that I need a S/W driver for serial to ethernet cable??
    and where I could find it??

    Waiting for your reply


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    The above pin configuration seems npt working, Is there any other way to get connected pl do help me thanks

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    Dear patirck
    I am using RBS element manger for contacted to 6201 . can we use the OMT also .

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    i can’t connect to DUG ERICSSON with usb rs232 cable, i use it to connect to DUW, please i need help, my os is windows 7 64 bits

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    Dear jihed
    A lot of usb to serial 232 work with window 7 but when u are using it omt will not work or you must change the window to winxp or you must search for one usb name best
    i am using one it work will all windows tube name best

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    use your multi metre, place a cut wire on the serial cable port and check inside to see the numbers (i.e 5,4,3,2,1 etc) try to fit the tested wire on each pin slot and read it with the corresponding colours from the other end of the open cable. monitor the cable while reading it and this will allow you to identify the colour code… the colour code numbers needed are (5,3,2). If you are able to get the respective colour code numbers, you can no use your rj45 connector and fix it in the first 1,2,3 section of the connector… this should do..
    So in simple language.. 5 3 2 (serial pin slot) to 1 2 3 (rj45 connector).. If you get it let me know.. knowledge is free

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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