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Erlang per mobile user

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    Alexandre Perret

    I’m currently planning an indoor GSM network. I’m looking for a value of traffic capacity used per mobile user expressed in Erlangs. I have the value og 90mE does it seem realistic?

    Please respond by email:


    If we are talking about traffic in busy hour, around 25mE is making sense. 90mE is too high

    Any problem, drop me a line.

    Alexandre Perret

    Thanks for the answer.

    But does that value (90mE) seem realistic for an indoor cellular network within a company, i.e. all the fixed line calls are replaced by mobile calls. So, I rephrase my question: is 90mE a realsitic value for BHT in a corporate environment?


    If the company is happy to remove all fine line after your indoor site on air, that is a good deal.
    Then you can check fix line traffic and add about 25mE afterward.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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