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lack of traffic

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    I would like to know with a little detail what generate an absence or lack of traffic on a cell. details initially on the equipment, coverage, planing of the frequencies and also of the parameters. answer me quickly twork,we have some


    Hi David,

    Something that I can figure out tip of my fingers are:

    Hardware Failure (TRX, Antenna, Combiner, Feeder)
    TRX ouput power
    Blocking of Cell
    Feeder swap, wrongly defined neighbors
    TCH/SDCCH Congestion
    Insufficient Abis


    hi EugeneSpongeBob
    thank you for your reply.
    but i want again to know how resolve hard ward pronlem? i must replace or upgrade TRX,change antenna,combinerand feeder?
    like Insufficient Abis,what can i do exactely?
    thank you


    hi david,
    if it is a problem of equipment, then nothing to make separately replace them, in any case it is what I believe. on the level of the TRX there, I do not know large thing but also concerning the antennas, re-examine his profit. if that dropped, then replace it with another having a higher profit. with the feeder, check their point of fixing, that can not not be made well. I hope that I am made understand. the remainder I do not know of it great trick and patient you somebody will give you your
    rgds treejar

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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