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dynamic HR allocation on Huawei system

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    Alaa H

    hi every body
    im seeking your help about some points on HR allocation on Huawei system:
    1- as i know the BSC will decide if the TCH that will be allocated is preffered half rate or full rate according to “Idle thrsh. for TCH/F priority” which means that when the call comes, the BSC looks at the number of Idle Full rate TS, if it is less than this value then the call will be preffered HR, I have increased this value to 10 and still i have a large number of “attempted TCH/F meeting overflow” without any attempted TCH/H meetinting overflow, in my openion this means that there is some criteria in which the MS will not accept a HR channel, can any body help me in this Regards

    thanks in advance


    I work on Siemens and Ericsson systems, but the criteria for HR usage in a cell are as below from my experience

    a) TRANSCODER availability
    b) HR Feature Activation
    c) Low/high HR activation threshold (depending how you interprete it)
    d) TCH timeslot support (in Siemens the TS needs to be set to TCH_HLF)

    Alaa H

    thank you EugeneSpongeBob, what im looking for is are there a kinds of MS that does not support HR or if there is a situation in which a MS will not occupy a HR TS even if all conditions controlled by RF parameters are stisfied?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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