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    i am getting the alarm-rx level differ too much between main and diversity antennas ”
    i have checked all internal cabling,trx but still the alarm comes.
    what can be the reason and how to rectify

    godfrey Tshiamo

    hi chinmay,try changing the tru concerned


    BCF-027 BTS-081 EQUIPM 2007-01-10 23:17:06.11
    ** ALARM C73700C
    Rx levels differ too much between main and diversity antennas.
    02 01 07 96 00 00

    This alarm coming when you have a problem between MAIN and DIV.

    You can see your problem with BTS manager => rssi comparaison value.

    If the difference is superior to 5 (i don’t remember 5 or more or less) => alarm rx level appears.

    the commissioning of BTS is very important because it is compare all cable connected.

    Copler DVxx compare the value of feeder ROSS.

    You can do TRX TEST and see result of ROSS antenna. (110dbm sensibility)

    check your feeder.


    Hi chinmay !

    If u r getting this alarm on specified TRXs (One) u can swapp this TRX with another one (Same Type -TSGB,A,TRXA,D …etc) if the problem will be transferded to with this TRX u have to chenge the TRX!!
    Otherwise u have check all cables and jumpers and the connectors every where.
    Of course u can do the above after VSWR checking, if its good u can only swapp the TRXs.
    Tell me please where exactly u r getting this alam?On whole sector, segment, BTS, or only on one TRX?!


    tnx to all for the replies.
    if rssi value is high in the whole sector then what can be the it dvja problem?


    Dear chinmay ,
    Did u check the VSWR?if yes,is it normal?
    Yes u can swapp the Duplexer (DVGA,DVDA)with another one wich is working normal,and again if the plroblem will transfered means u have to replace the DVGA with new one.and swapp also the multicopler but be sure to swapp it with another one,different sector,means swapp the DVGA in sector and the multicopler in other sector to deploy them in diffirent sectors.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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