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WISP traffic Modeling

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    Wm. R. Presley

    We are hoping to find a closed, small to medium, campus environment
    whose Internet traffic statistics could be used to parallel the potential
    usage of a rural community in any state USA.

    The objective is to determine daily Internet traffic statistics relative to
    the number of seats occupied and the amount of broadband pipe
    required to support said seats, factored by the ratio of occupied seats to
    the total subscriber base.

    We feel this traffic parallel would be helpful in building a business case
    for deploying Broadband Internet Services in the rural communities of
    America. Wireless Broadband appears to be one of the cheapest and
    quickest means to do so.

    Sighting the closed campus environment as a parallel, the Wireless
    Internet Service Provider (WISP) can determine how much carrier pipe
    is needed to support a given supscriber base, at various
    classes-of-services, and support a suitable ROI to fund the project.

    If anyone can direct us to a site with traffic statistics that factor in the
    seat scenario, it would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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