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    GPRS logical channels mirroring GSM logical channels. This statement is true with some exception. One such exception is GSM logical channel SDCCH. GPRS does not have such logical channel.

    Question: Explain why GPRS does not need equivalent to the GSM SDCCH control channel


    i would appreciate a “hello”, a “please” and a “thank you”..

    The SDCCH channel is a bit useless in GSM, when it comes to setting up a call. It is actually usefull to handle other tasks such as location update, SMS, etc… it allows to multiplex 8 channels on one timeslot, for simple operations, so there is a gain of capacity to put all small tasks on the same timeslots.

    In GPRS, the only type of operation needed is the allocation of a TBF. And a GPRS timeslot (PDCH) can already be multiplexed among different TBF, if needed.


    Can anyone please tell me what sort of signaling is used between BSC and TCU? Is it SS7 or LAPD?



    If CSU is transcoder unit – then answer is different for different equipment vendors.

    TC, never have signalling point, so it never have SS7 connection to BSC.

    In Nokia DX200 BSS – transcoder is connected to BSC via LAP-D only for O&M linkage.

    In Ericsson AXE 810 there is no separate transcoder, usually it is combiled node BSC/TRX, so it have internal connection via DL bus.


    thank you very much for the replies

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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