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Power transmission

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    Hello everybody,

    I’m planning a GSM/GPRS network in urban area. I have to serve only a limited area and the traffic map that I have is for a bigger area. So, my planned stations serve traffic that I want to cover, and much more from the adjacent areas.

    With a radio planning tool I reach the aim if I set the power transmission about 20dbm in each station.

    My question: Is it possible to have this power level at the Base Stations, or are they supposed to work at ~43dbm?


    hi javi,

    you are following the wrong path here, in my opinion.

    what you should do is draw a computation/working zone on your traffic map, so your sites will cover only this delimited area. The traffic and coverage will be limited to your study needs.

    Unless of course you REALLY don’t want your sites to cover outside the area. Then you have to modify the downtilt and azimtuh of your antenna (or even your antenna types).

    If you design your site to emit with 23dB attenuation, you’ll have serious issues covering indoor areas !!

    Yes, it is possible to decrease the emitting power of a cell.


    Thanks a lot Pix.

    So, I’ll try to re-draw the traffic map, or I will try to find a function in the simulation programm (ATOLL) to limit the service only in my delimited area.

    Even having traffic demand and coberture outside, It won’t be served.

    Another question: Where can I find BTS hardware connection schemes? Not so specific, only to include in my project some ideas about the hardware that I need (rack, cards, batteries, duplexors, cables…) and how it is connected



    yes it won’t be served in your planning project, but it will be served in reality.

    in Atoll, you should be able to find a “computation” zone or something equivalent. I work with A9155, based on Atoll technology, and that feature exists.

    for info about BTS design, you’d rather google it. Vendor documentations are usually extremely complicated and it’ll take you a while to understand the simplest things…

    good luck for your project 🙂


    Thanks Pix.

    About the information related to BTS that I want to know: Ok, I have the technical data for a Siemenes BTS (for example BS-240 XL). Well, It goes perfectly but I need to depict a connection scheme.
    I mean, if a need a duplexor, diplexor, how many cables, what kind of cables… things like that.
    That’s why I’m looking for an example and more technical information.
    The vendors only provide this information to a well-know customer, isn’t it?

    Could somebody (I don’t care the vendor) list the hardware that I need? (BTS, antenna, filter, wires, batteries, power supply…) and how they are connected.

    Thanks in advance


    i’m sorry, you should try to contact a vendor/operator directly… if you are studying in telecoms, i’m sure your university has contact with them, don’t they ?

    really sorry about that, i don’t feel good about exchanging internal docs on the web.


    sorry javi, that was me writting just before… i kidnapped your name 🙂


    Ok, I understand that.

    Thanks anyway.

    mahamudul Hasan

    How i will measure Tx power of MW link.Plz tell me…….

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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