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3G Traffic models

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    Raúl González

    Hello. I m working in a thesis on
    traffic modelling for 3G. As you
    know traffic analysis for third
    generation mobile telecommunication
    systems should take into account a
    variety of services(e.g. voice, data,
    video, etc) and “environments” (private,
    public both outdoor and indoor) as
    well as the user mobility behaviour.
    The traffic model must incorporate all
    the above mentioned features. We
    should utilise a set of simplifying
    assumptions regarding the distribution
    of certain random time intervals(e.g.,
    call duration and “cell residence time”)
    and the handover arrival process.
    The core of the model has to focus
    on the estimation of the cell border
    crossing rate and the time it takes a
    busy mobile user to leave a cell area.
    This allows for the estimation of the
    handover rate and the call duration
    within a cell, which in turn, utilising
    an iterative method, allows for the
    calculation of the offered traffic
    load per cell. I m looking for a model
    who permit to me to get:
    (a) the simple closed form solution
    (b) independence from the applied radio
    resource management scheme and
    (c) accuracy.
    Basically what I need is a program /papers
    which let me simulate calls in 3rd
    generation mobile telecomm. systems
    and be able to design / size the cells
    and so on. I use Fortran 90 (Visual Fortran)
    and MATLAB.
    I will appreciate very much any help.
    Thank you very much for your cooperation.
    Raúl González

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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