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Very Quick ACM message

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    I have a problem ,when our network is sending IAM (Initial address message ) to another network ,we are receiving after a few millisecond ACM (Address complete message) but as you know it is not normal ,because normally I should receive ACM after the paging is done successfully in the BSS part that could take around 7-10 Second not in millisecond.

    Can somebody tell me where could be the problem; I know the problem is in other end but how we can solve this problem?


    Maybe you will check time configuration for ACM Time in your system, if that normal mybe that problem in your signaling hardware, just check it.. 🙂


    ITu standard has two definitons for mentioned scenario: one is sending ACM message with user status information and the second one is send two messages: ACM (user status=not available) and CPG with ‘real user status’ normally after paging procces.
    I believe both are accepted in SS7 interconnection.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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