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A discrepency in the stats

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    In Ericsson network we have counter CCALLS which is pegged for every attempt for SD (i.e. for allocation of an SD) for signaling set-up, assignment and handover, virtually everything.
    But if I subtract CSMSUP and CSMSDWN from it (though it still must be containing SD attempt for LU and IMSI attaché detach) the value comes less than TCASSALL.

    Theoretically it should be a huge no, but that is not the case. If you have any explanation, please share.

    CCALLS: Total SDCCH attempts
    CSMSUP: SMS on SDCCH Uplink
    CSMSDWN: SMS on SDCCH Downlink
    TCASSALL: Assignment complete

    Logically CSMSUP + CSMSDWN + TCASSALL must be less than CCALLS

    Any idea?


    Hi Bilal,

    TCASSALL : assignment complete of.. SDCCH or TCH ?

    CCALLS : total SDCCH attempts, ncluding SMS attempts ? The name “CCALLS” suggest it is only counting Calls Setup. (Handovers don’t go through SDCCH, afaik)

    Can you please post the values of those counters for 1 typical hour here ? So I can see how far out the counters are. I know that Ericsson counters are tricky to understand, because they are a bit obscure and limited (in my experience, few years ago… maybe it’s better now).


    I’m pasting the definitions of these counters directly from Ericsson Documentation:

    CCALLS: “The allocation attempt counters are incremented at every attempt to allocate an SDCCH in a resource type in the cell, regardless of whether the allocation succeeded or failed. Allocation attempts are made at signalling connection setup, at handover and at assignment. ”

    Assignment attempts (TASSALL):

    The ‘Assignment attempt’ counter (TASSALL) is incremented for the first attempt to change a connection from a signalling only connection to a TCH for speech or data, initiated by reception of ASSIGNMENT REQUEST or HANDOVER REQUEST (cause = directed retry).

    At successful assignment attempt the counter is incremented for the target cell.

    If the assignment attempt is unsuccessful, independent of reason, the counter is incremented for the cell where the mobile station was tuned to an SDCCH or TCH used for signalling.

    HANDOVER REQUEST (cause = directed retry)

    Assignment complete:

    ‘Assignment complete’ counter (TCASSALL) is incremented for the same conditions as the ‘Assignment attempt’ counter (TASSALL) if the attempt was successful. The ‘Assignment complete’ counter is incremented for the target cell. As TCASSALL is fetched by STS from the same object type as TASSALL they are always synchronized.

    I interpret the handover thing as SDCCH handovers which have been enabled in our network, means switching to a new cell during the assignmnet procedure.

    Values for a typical hour for a BSC are :

    CCALLS =~ 300324
    CSMSUP =~ 114790
    CSMSDWN =~ 115583
    TCASSALL =~ 101542


    Hi Bilal,

    Ok, thanks for the details. I’ll have a look at all this later.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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