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TA Reports

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    RF Learner

    Hi All,

    1. If ther is any report in ericsson OSS that can provide cell wise detail of calls made with there TA.

    Similar to that of Nokia system.

    2. we are facing extenal interfernce from international border, as over country is on higher altitude.

    I have found with DT almost all ARFCN in over CA list are hit.
    As a result network quality is degraded a lot.

    Interfernce level is very high, i got SS level upto-75dBm.

    Can anyone provide me any suggestion.

    Thanx in advance.

    RF learner



    did you perform a frequency scan of your whole frequency band ? use frequencies that are free.

    second solution : activate synthetized frequency hopping with as many channels as possible in your hopping list. That will help reduce the intereference level “statistically”.

    Finally, you can contact the external operator and try to find an agreement with them. I’m sure they are facing interferences from your sites and would be glad to find a solutions 😉

    RF Learner

    Hi Pix,

    We are using SFH and are facing interference problem on these frequencies.

    wat abt reports for traffic distance.

    Thanks for ur suggestion

    RF Learner


    hi rf learner,

    Reports of distance… you mean the measurements reports with the timing advance information ? i’m not sure what you mean here. mmm… maybe, you can decide to limit the coverage of your cell, so only subscribers with a high level (and therefore a “clean” signal) are able to connect to your cell.

    for instance, set the rxlev access min to -85dBm. that will not prevent the interference to happen but it will prevent your subscribers to be subject to it.

    and what are the results of the frequency scan ? all 124 channels are used ?
    what about discussing it with the other operator ?

    in my opinion, in such a case where you can’t control the interferer, you can only do one thing : change your own frequencies. There is nothing else you can “play around” with. But maybe i missed something..


    RF learner,

    I understood what you wanted. The details of calls vs TA is available and very usefull but unfortunately it is a feature which is expensive to buy. Ask your vendor and put in your mind, in such a case, the feature will help you to discover the problem only. You will always need to follow Pix advices.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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