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AXE10 sealed devices

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    Are ye right there Father?

    Any ideas what causes sealed state in devices that are operating ISUP s/w?

    Have noted that the devices (when brought out of Pre-Post State) pick up a “MAINT” and “RESET” value in the LST field.

    Our copy of ALEX says this is Local Admin State, and that it is Market Dependant. HELPFUL!!!!

    Anyway, if I wait for the “RESET” value to clear (anywhere between 5 seconds and 20 minutes), the devices go IDLE when I BLODE. However, if I attempt to BLODE while the devices have the RESET state, they simply go sealed straight away.

    Please note that the equivalent timeslots on the remote exchange can show idle while the local excha shows sealed.

    Also, to add some more mystery, the RESET values do not clear in any particular order, ie they dont clear from Timeslot 1-15 then 16-31, the value clears erratically irrespective of CIC.

    The problem occurs between Mobile & PSTN and internally within the Mobile nwk (both scenarios are AXE-10 each side).

    Any info you can offer will be greatly appreciated! Please dont respond if your just fishing for a free course on AXE10!!!

    Bob Smith

    Both ends have the same CIC value, if they do look at a X in the TX path

    Bob Smith

    The Reset and Maint or from C7 messeaging.


    I used to work on DX220 at the far end from AXE’s. We regularly had these sealed crct problems. It seemed to be simply the method by which the crcts went down, and if someone tried to intervene manually to bring them up. If both ends didn’t co-op, there were problems.

    On the DX220 side, we would bring the crct’s up to the nearest to working state we could, then the axe end would block, prepost, post, & deblock. (I’m not an AXE man, so if I got the terminology wrong, don’t shout).


    Wallis Dudhnath

    Issues that I have experienced are associated with a lot errors on the E1.0 PCM system. The circuits would go into the Temporary_Out_Of_Service or Out_Of_Service state. Circuits would have to be Blocked and “restarted”. In the past we would manually block circuits that had a high level of CRC errors. These circuits would then be analysed to see if the issue was Hardware (e.g. ET), Hardware, MML configuration, Software issues with the SS7 software module, etc..

    VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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