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Illegal doc exchange

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    ok.. I didn’t see the notice “no document exchange medium.” (don’t ask how I could miss it..)
    I needed some info on a BTS (Huawei3002C mini BTS), and got removed.

    I appreciate the ‘open discussion’ myself, and you learn a lot of it(!). I think this is a great forum of its class.

    Anyway, sometimes I see the need for such a request. And what’s the proper definition for what youre allowed to ask for. Should it be ‘what is pin 4,5,6,.. used for’, or is it possible to ask for the ‘whole pinout’? Or would this be ‘illegal?’

    Since this forum is under surveillance, I’d believe this will be sorted out, and made clear.

    If such barring occur, It would be necessary to do this exchange in ‘another’ place. Even if people love it here, they(me included) obviously need this kind of exchange.

    Regards Petter

    Jack Sparrow

    Thats Fantastic Man.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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