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Siemens BTS with Abis over Satellite

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    GSM addicted

    Hi all

    Is Siemens BTS / BSC work with Abis over satellite?

    We try to implement but it doesn’t not work even if the vendor says it should.
    We are using BS240 with software version BR6. do we have to upgrade?
    or any parameter we have to tune? We see a lot of SDCCH assignment attempts in the stats even causing SDCCH blocked but no TCH connections..
    Anyone can help, thanks a lot.


    In the command SET BTSM in phase2 you have to make
    Set BTSM:NAME=BTSM:0,ABISLKSAT=satelliteConnection;
    So have you made it already during the commission?.

    And in the BSC DB you have to take in consedartion in the command CREATE BTSM that the value LPDLMSAT=TRUE



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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