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Ta fo ms

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    how we can have ta(timing advance) for one ms in bsc(nokia) or msc(ziemens)?


    as far as i know, you need to collect the counters at the BSC level (or easier, at the OMC-R), to know the average TA of all the mobiles in a base station.

    If you want to know the TA of one particular MS, then you will need to make an ABIS trace with a protocol analyser and filter out the IMSI of that MS. The TA values are regularly sent on the ABIS.
    Constraint : an ABIS trace can be performed only on one or two BTS at once… so you have to know in which BTS they are.


    but we have 100 bts and we cannot set abis trace for all of them
    we see ms cellid in msc with dispvsub command but in this command we dont have timing advance
    do you have any suggestion to find ms timing advance in msc?

    we dont have hlr but i know that in hlr we can trace ms
    witch info we have in this trace from ms?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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