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Announcements in CAMEL

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    I am looking for some information regarding announcements in CAMEL. According to CAMEL ph.2 it is possible to use gsmSRF node for playing announcements or receiving tones. There is no any problem in case subscriber is registered in his/her HPLMN but what about situation when our customer roams abroad and register himself in other VPLMN. How it is possible for roamed subscriber to have access to announcements from his/her HPLMN gsmSRF ? Does some procedure similar to Establish Temporary Connection (temporary connection between visiting SSF and home SSF) is going to be exploited??

    I would be grateful for any help from your side.


    Hi Ala,

    Can you give me the procedure for such announcements.

    Mainly the message flow.




    Unfortunately I do not have any. I am looking for information how this feature is delivered by CAMEL in real networks. I can imagine that in order to play announcements of subscriber’s domestic network to while he/she is registered in VPLMN (in case of prepaid services) some kind of temporary connection has to be established between HPLMN and VPLMN (similar to ETC procedure in INAP). Then by means of PA and P&CUI operations particular announcements are going to be generated directly from home gsmSRF. Another solution could be to play some general announcements from gsmSRF of visited network which is also technically feasible.

    Please send my some comments on my consideration above. Any traces will be also appreciated.

    Best regards



    But mainly this is not a good idea incase of international Roaming.But still can be done in some way.

    Like if the caller is from Intnl network he will get SMS/USSD Reply.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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