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LAPD Overload

This topic contains 11 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  Faryad Mughal 1 month, 1 week ago.

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    We are facing the problem with BTS Overload and some of them with reason LAPD overload. The TRX which configured in the site are untill 14 TRXs using 1 PCMB with 1 LPDLM. As we know that the Required LAPD capacity depends on the number of TRx per site and the number of measurement reports (MR)transmitted from the BTSs to the BSC and we also know that the LAPD signalling overload can be also caused by excessive signalling traffic volume or/and frequent retransmission on the LAPD links ( bad tranmission quality of the PCM lines or microwave links ).
    For anticipating this problems, What is the recomendation from Siemens about number of TRXs can be handled within 1 LPDLM so we can avoid the overload problem due to LAPD Overload?

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    please check your GPRS load,maybe it ‘s using your resourses.

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    it means there are too many paging sent by the BSC to the BTS.
    I’m not familiar with your “alarm”, so either the LapD (on the Abis) is congested due to paging, or the PCH (on the air interface) is congested due to paging.

    You could try to investigate further, but a solution that would work in both case :
    step 1/ ensure that one LAC is handled only by one BSC (one BSC can have many LAC’s, but one LAC should not be handled by several BSC)
    step 2/ reduce the number of cells per LAC.


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    Hi Ahmed

    Plz check the no. of resource LAPD cards present in the BSC, it seems that the no. of TRX have increased too much in the BSC, plz specify the equipment as we have faced such problem in ZTE iBSC


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    In technologies that use dynamic Abis and TRX signaling by a common Lapd, this can become congested if it exceeds a certain number of TRX. With a number of 12 TRX is better the creation of a second Lapd and sharing TRX load between them. The maximum number of TRX by Lapd depends on the traffic and signaling load in the air interface, that is on the coverage area that is serving the cell.

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    Israel Choque


    anyone have any document for LAPD link Measurement on TRH devices in for Ericsson?

    Also require different counter description used for measurement of link i.e. CLONKFAIL, COVERLOAD, CBADFRAME..etc

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    all those info are in the cpi library, do you have access to it ?
    it’s located in the OSS.


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    How do I get to clear the LAPD PAGING overload alarm

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    Dear please, I have the same issue. We have upgrad the frequence and have LAPD PAGING OVERLOAD on several node. plaese, help us solve this issue

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    seph chibanhila

    LAPD Link Congestion what does it mean?how to clear this alarm

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    Faryad Mughal

    Dear all
    plz share you experience that

    DCR can effect on LAPD???

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