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DXU 21 & DXU 11

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    I have the above config at a site.

    RBS2202 CDU C+ DC-48V EGSM900 Config (1+1+1) – with 3 units of EGSM CDU C+, 3 units of STRU900, 1 unit of DXU-21. Transmission using V-SAT.

    Switching tried loading but failed on numerous occasions to FULLY load the DXU21. They could see the site.The DXU 21 operational status is in on/off intermitent mode. I have changed the DXU 21 and Flash card with new ones – have tried with 3 different DXU21 and 3 flash cards. I am using Ericsson OMT version 23_2 and flash card software for DXU21 meant for 2X02 RBS which is correct

    BUT once i change to DXU 11, switching can fully load it and there is no instability issues and the DXU 11 is in fully operational mode and its confirmed by switching

    Can anyone advice? Is there instability issues with DXU21?

    If im to use DXU 11 and maintain EGSM 900, what should i change at site?

    The VSAT link has been tested and it is working correctly.


    Are you sure the Vsat is working ??
    Check the Modulation type is set correctly at both Ends

    I tried a DXU 21 over VSAT without problems
    check exchange parameter Satellitesupport is set to 1
    or it wont work because of the longer than normal delay time over VSAT


    make sure regarding the V-SAT is they provide a complate E1 i mean full timeslot

    Fabio Prieto

    Which is the difference between the DXU 11 and DXU 21?


    can we use DXU21 in RBS2202? how?


    I m using DXU21. RBS 2206 & 2207. Which DXU flash card types can I use for that( memory)


    Sandisk 64 Mb


    One of the most probable reason could be insufficient bandwidth. Pls chk if u are getting 2Mbps

    Pippo italian

    Who knos wich is the differents between DXU-21 and DXU-21A?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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