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Ericsson Switching equipment

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    Hello everyone
    I was wondering if someone could give me a proper description of a part code that I have for an AXE10 card. Its ROF 131 444/2. I’ve been given a description saying that its a PBA-LIC12(8). I am not sure what that part is. Could anyone help me on this matter please.

    Bob Smith

    Looks like you have a Line Interface Circuit for PSTN, the number backets may suggest the number of subscribers that can be connected to the card, maybe wrong


    Soumendra Panda

    Dear Ram,
    Plz help me and give me a short description of AXE-810 switch.


    Dear muhammad arshad,
    I would really appreciate if you can send me details my email address is chibwejohn2005@yahoo.c om

    “Dear DJ

    There are many consideration mainly you consider the forcast for subs. and their behaviour regarding different types of facilities we are going to implement.calculate the traffic,bandwidth required for all the activities of subs.
    if you want details i can provide

    arshad “

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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