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Any Nokia ultrasite expert

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    Nokia ultrasite BTS,444 configuration.
    24 hours UPS,AC present.

    1. In bsc the state of bts is BL- RSL. OMU-BL.
    2. At bts site all(3) PSC are ok(green).
    3. All BB(6) cards are green.
    4. E1/T1 green, all TRX orange.
    5. BOIA card Red.
    Tried following:
    1.BTS manager is not able to connect to bts.
    2. Changed the BOIA card.
    3. Now BTS manager is able to connect
    After that:
    1. boia is green,rest all same.
    2. But the BB cards start blinking.
    3.PCM ok
    4.OMU is still blocked. why?

    Note that the fresh commisioning of bts has been done.
    1.BB1 and BB3(bsae band) cards become stable all(bb cards) continues to blink.
    2. TRX 1,TRX2 and trx3,trx4 becomes stable green rest all are orenge
    1. doubt goes that 4 BB cards are faulty.
    2. The four bb cards are chnaged.

    but the problem is still same. ie omu is block.

    the bts was recommsioned by sending the offline prepared files for 444 configuration.

    the bts software was reloaded.
    still the problem is as it is.
    Please note that:

    In bts manager, in the current configuration only two trx (which are green) are shown.
    rest 10 trx are not being detected at all. Does that mean there is some thing wrong with the back plane.

    experts may please comment.


    It could be the position of BB cards. you need 1 for every 2 trxs. It seems that the first sector is ok->better check the hardware configuration you downloaded. think that de back plane fault is the last probability…


    you can try a electrical reset. You switch off AC power.

    Check your trame with hubmanager between your BTS and BSC.

    You can have a problem on the BUS.

    You can also check The parameters GTRX
    GTRX= yes EDGE
    GTRX= no NO EDGE


    try to check the branching table from BTS and BSC. You have the same timeslot position of the OMU, TRX and TRXSIG.


    Try to loop 1st the E1/T1 card at intface1 or dir1, the LED of E1/T1 crd should turn green or orange. if its green then dir1 is active, the rest is inactive; but if it is orange inactive the rest interface except interface 1. Now check the branching table, you should allocate the OMU, TRX and TRXSIG base on what is given from NOC, since it is PCM ok. Hope this will help to solve he prob.


    how many frequencies are in a one sector, what are the functions of TRX in respect to the frequencies , what is the relation between the number of trx and the number of frequencies ,
    each cell has one frequency ,


    Plz do the following

    1.Plz configure the hardware for trx addition

    2.Check the parent site how the e1 is distributed for this site,check whether the cross connection is correct or not

    3.check the traffic configuration with the NOC


    know me more ultra bts and cabex site

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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