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Link Balance

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    Rajiv Gujral

    Hi All

    Please suggest me what might be the problem if our link balance is in negative for Stand Alone Sites.
    Could it be a H/w fault. And what if link balance is more than the threshold(8).


    Please if anyone can let ,me knnow with the reasons when our link balannce crossed the thresholds value. And what might be the reason if uplink is better than downlink. Is there a chance for the hardware fault.

    Thanks for the help in advance

    Grewal R

    Possibility is that there is something wrong with the feeder cable/connectors if systen is not a full duplex.

    If system is full duplex chances are with hardware.
    Better if you write what make is it?


    Tech Man

    Check your TRX output power/ performance alarms for that sector. Also check the VSWR for the Tx path. Are you using TMB on your antenna path??

    Rajiv Gujral

    Hi Grewal & Tech Man

    Thanx for the reply. The Vendor is NORTEL. We are not using TMB on the antenna path. Mostly this problem, link balance above threshold, exists in the stand alone sites. We are using HD(or By Pass) for the stand alone sites with the configuraion of 2 by 2 by 2. Please let me know what might be the prob tht im getting -ve Link balance and other greater than 8. VSWR and OP is ok.

    Thanks & Regards


    where is your limitation (UL or DL) ???

    Rajiv Gujral

    Hi Joe

    What do u mean by limitation, whether its a threshold ur asking for or the problem.
    In couple of sites the prob is uplink and rest in downlink.


    Limitation in link budget (which is smaller).
    if it UL => check your diversity,LNA & BTS RX
    if it DL => check your BTS power,TMA, compiner & BTS TX.
    # VSWR doesnt impalance your budget, it degrade both side UL & DL.

    R Grewal

    Joe is right

    path balance=(UL PATH BALANC-DL path balance

    Acordingly you can go, with this formula.

    Rajiv Gujral

    Thanx Joe & Grewal

    I will look for it



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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