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How I can catch maximum number of roamer

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    Dear all:

    I just want to ask if some one have good experience about roaming issue.
    You know I try to catch all the reamers to our network so I apply with C2 parameters specially
    Cell_Reselect_Offset . it’s increased but its no thing we are almost the same as before if I want compares it with our competitor its really no thing they are catching all the roamers.

    They are not even using C2 I check it in their idle mode measurement .so I am just surprised how they can catch much more than us.
    We have better level of signal in the entire city and even in the International airport. I am afraid that maybe there is another Parameters or Configuration for example in the NSS part or maybe BSS part that I don’t know that.
    C2=C1+ (Cell_Reselect_Offset)-Temporary_Offset (t-Pt) .I put the Penalty_Time=20 Second and C2 is also activated
    And temporary offset is also 0 there, so the formula is C2=C1+(Cell_Reselect_Offset) ,Penalty_Time=20

    Does any one know another solution in the BSS part or NSS part?



    from home network they can control which nw to login using seperate server called preffered roaming server


    Dear NSS:
    So you mean that in all the Home PLMN of our Roomers it’s set to our competitor and they prioritize our competitor?

    And there is another server for Roemer or it is just a parameter in Switch and we can change it?

    Many thanks.


    not all the solutions u can get from radio side it true if u have good coverage on boundries then u have bright chances to catch roamers but there is somthing called preferd network like if some network is in prefered network list in ur sim then ur celell will try to first latch on that network

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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