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Display the name of the area on your mob

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    Dear All:

    How i can show name of the area when we are moving in the city. i saw this in Dubai and also in Turkey .can some one give me some idea how i can do that?
    is it like the Cell Identity(CI)?

    many thanks


    it is GPS feature


    what do you mean by GPS Feauture, their system support the GPS position? i think maybe it is a system information like a CI.
    are you sure about that?

    many thanks areeba


    HI Sayed,

    In CBCH you can give name of cell. This cell name will display on mobile if Cell Information display is on in mobile.


    Thanks dear Paria:
    So as you mentioned if I just change a TCH time slot to CBCH and put the name of the area in cell name it will be fine if I active the cell information display in the mobile.

    There is no thing else that I should change it? Do you think I can do this action now?
    If you can send an email to me I will appreciate that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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