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About AXE10 Switching and WinFiol

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    shalja jain


    I want to more about the Ericssons’ AXE-10 Switching Equipment Architecture, working and “WinFiol” Software and manuals.
    How they are implemented in GSM and CDMA, both technologies. Kindly help me and guide me.

    Amit malik

    AXE 10 or AXE 810 is an ericsson plateform for GSM CDMA . wel ericsson has backed off support from CDMA . and WINFIOL is the Interface for the AXE .

    for AXE 10 use can only take help from ericsson manualls like AXE operation handlling for start

    shalja jain

    Thanks, But i am in search for these manuals from friends and groups..not able to get till now.

    From where i can get the softcopy of these ericsson manuals. Can u arrange it for me please.


    I am working in AXE810 & looking after Base station controller(bsc)..
    Now I am planning to get some knowledge of mobile switching centre(MSC), as I fell that in MSC i can grow in this area.
    If nybody do have a softcopies of MSC than please send in this id
    I will be indebted if u please so..


    Hi every body,

    I’m working in an axe 10 switch,APZ 212 11,iog 11 b and i have a c7 link problem.

    My switch has STP function and an mobile operator is making romaing trough us.when i’m opening the mobile signalling trafic to the roming destination , my c7 link is not steady and after the RP(regional processor) which controlling the roaming destination became down.
    But when i remove it ,the link is steady.your ideas are welcome

    Thank you for your kindness.




    Hi Eliane,

    1. Can you let me know which protocol you are using for signalling links.
    2. Whether the links are LSL or HSL.
    3. Which type of traffic you are routing.
    4. Any specific errors which you are getting on these links as soon as you route the traffic.

    I think the error is because of messages which you re receiving in response to your messages send to various destinations for roaming.There is some type of protocol mismatch between them.The best way to find out is to route traffic on single destination at one time and notice that after traffic routing to which destination the links are going down.Then you can speak to technical team of that switch.
    you can take support of Ericsson support team.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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