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Camel O-CSI default call handing

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    Can you please tell me what’s the difference of call flow when DCH is RLEASSE CALL or CONTINUE CALL in Alcartel Switch.

    One subscirber from our Switch with O-CSI CONTINUE CALL romaing to SRF network in parise, and do MO call. Our SCF sends CONTINUE to SRF’s SCF, but we receive CAP pabort when waiting for ANSWER.

    if change O-CSI to RELEASE CALL. everything is ok.


    Thats normal…

    DCH-Default Call Handling.

    If there is any problem in communication between SCP and SSP what it should do is determined by this parameter.

    This is transfered to VMSC while performing LU.

    CONTINUE CALL-Any problem no matter call continued.

    Release Call- Problem call teared down.

    Guys what do you think….More light please.


    Thank Scorp.

    The fact is SFR will send pabort message to our SCF each time when DCH is set to CONTINUE call even there is no Any problem.


    Hi Dong,

    I beleive SSF is the main control.

    Secondary option from Subscriber data in VLR.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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