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wn BCCH TRX Switched off

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    hi guys,
    pls tell me “What happend when a call is in progressing on TCH Trx and suddenly BCCH TRX is switched off?”


    Depends on the vendor.
    For example Siemens
    If you have two TRX. The TCH TRX becomes BCCH and all calls on the BCCH remains as the others are dropped.
    Now as I think I am not very sure have to test if a intra HO is not performed for the calls on TCH trx


    hi Boko,

    it is possible that tch trx become BCCH Trx??????????????/

    how could it happen?
    How would be the Frequency switch over on TCH TRX?

    Can u give me ur mail id ??


    the TCH TRX is just switched on (BCCH frequency),Like its normal switching on hopping set.
    But this is through specified algorithm……. when BCCH h/w failure =====> hop on tch trx & remain.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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