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New to VoIP

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    Fem Osiyemi

    I am new to VoIP but I have been using routers for about a year and I have got a CCNA.

    Could anyone point me to a good URL or books that offer practical on the job examples as I have been asked to build a VoIP test bed by my boss and do not know where to start.


    Jade Clayton
    Guest has many config examples for routers – and the software required for different scenarios.

    enter a search at the site…..

    Bhaskar Singh Negi

    Where can I know most about the
    VoIP technology. I want to learn
    it from the start.

    Jade Clayton

    Try our new Web site at:

    It aims to publish practical hands on information for analysts and engineers involved in VoIP deployment.

    It also contains free online VoIP bandwidth calculators.

    Jade Clayton

    There are still two different camps in VOIP technology. The most advanced is Cisco Systems AVVID, which combines voice video and data. If you would like to become technically savvy on this technology, the best place to start would be to learn 802.3 Ethernet as well as IP classless addressing. VOIP is only an application that runs on these types of networks.

    Good Luck, and again there are many learning resources on these technologies on Most of what I have learned has been through there.

    There are also some good books from McGraw-Hill on Telecom.

    I have now deployed 11 IP Telephony PBXs with VOIP toll bypass over T1 and Frame Relay.


    VoIP encompasses a lot of different camps:
    H.323 is the most widely deployed VoIP technology.

    IPDC/SGCP/MGCP/H.248- All based on the premise of dumb endpoints and intelligent call control. IPDC and SGCP merged and became MGCP which is an IETF draft. H.248 is the ITU variant of MGCP also known as Megacop

    SIP- IETF draft based on intelligent endpoints.

    You can go to to read up on SIP and MGCP. If you have access to ITU documents read H.323, H.225, H.245 for H.323 based networks. H.248 + the annexes for Megacop networks.

    There are many good books out there if you are just starting out Cisco has one called introduction to VoIP.

    Paulo de Arruda Borelli

    If you need to know the best technology for VoIP, including VoIP Clearinghouses, Bandwidth savings, Roaming over IP networks, soft-switch, central administration for everything on VoIP, go to Clarent is one of the VoIP market leaders in the world. You will find the most scalable and flexible solution, together with a state-of-the-art solution.


    What is Roaming over IP networks? Also when you say soft switch, what do you mean? Is this MGCP based technology? If so, which version(s)?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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