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Pref’d TRX for data traffic when hopping

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    I need to know whether it is better to carry data traffic on the BCCH TRX or on the TCH TRXs when hopping.

    Since the BCCH TRX emmits at Max power is it any better to restrict data traffic to it?

    on the other hand, do we reduce interference on data traffic when we carry data on the TCH Trxs which are on SFH instead of the BCCH TRX which does not hop?


    Recomendation is DATA on BCCH, hopping is not good for the data if you meen GPRS and EDGE.


    Thax Boko for the response. But why is hopping not good for data. with hopping you spread chances of interference since many channels are involved. if the bcch channel is interfered with QOS will be very bad?

    yes I’m talking about GPRS and EDGE.


    Because of data rate adaptation (CS/MCS). It works better when you are not hopping.


    Also GPRS data is (not delay sensitive)(back ground & interactive) & tolerate with the variable velues of Quality rather than speech.


    Well, I think the whole discussion goes back to the point “Preference of Hopping TREs or BCCH TRE for a voice calls ?”If we mark the BCCH TRE as preferred for data call..Then i think its obvious that we have to remove the priority of the voice call for the BCCH TRE??

    Nitin Kh


    it is possible to locate GPRS ch on tch TRX,& it good for n/w to have in-demand date ch, so speech call can pre-empt the data ch.
    BUT BCCH trx is good for both (speech & data).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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