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CDMA tools,

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    Dear All
    does there any one working in CDMA technology RNP department? If yes let me know if there are some free software we can download from net or exchange
    -the call setup time is too long and its a new network there are no subscriber yet , we have huawei equipment so which parameter we need to modify to decrease the call setup time


    chek iu interface


    Dear messi
    iu interface????????????i never heard about this interface


    Hi Nassim,

    For reducing the call setup time try to play with the settings of the following parameters :
    01. Num_Step(No of steps)
    02. Max_Req_Seq(maxiimum request sequence)
    03.Slot Cycle Index
    04. Pam_Sz (Preamble size)
    05. Bkoff

    By reducing these parameters call setup time would definitely decrease


    Dear Amit
    thanks for your answer
    but i wanna tell you all the parameter are default value but the call setup time is so long i used the CAIT to check call setup time btw BTS and MS and its around 2-3Seconds
    and dont forget if i will change theses paramters the access will be problems

    Laertes Brun

    I need to Know some information how configure Tellabs 6810 (Focus AC1). Its possible use it without just two Tellabs 6810 for interlig two ponts. Becouse I have 20 tellabs n stoke. I want sell them or do something.
    Some peaple have the ideia about price?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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