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trunk lines invisible

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    Dear reader,

    First thanks for showing interest
    I will be most obliged if some techie could guide me how to trunk
    lines invisible from Telcos system
    so it can not monitor traffic, are there any alternatives.

    I am very new to VoiP and planning to operate a Gateway from Pakistan
    of minimum 12 lines and have to find a way for not letting PTCL know about it since VoIP is banned here in Pakistan so could any techie expert like you tell me how to proceed what are reduntant lines T1 ? Do explain


    Joseph Brew

    can you send me yourn network diagram i may be able toi help


    If these lines need to hop off onto their network there is no way to hide it as they need to bill you for it.
    I think they will be less likely to scrutinize what you are doing if you have business type circuits terminating in an office building. i.e. E&M or t1/e1 circuits.
    T1 is a carrier that allows 24 voice calls or 1.544 MB of data to be carried through it.
    Redundancy is generally used for data circuits when one fails the other can pick up the rest of the load.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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